Post Post Op Op

Because apparently one post-op isn't enough, I got to see Dr. Ramirez again for a second post-op. Everything is going swell and I feel 110%. I'm starting to see that my scar will heal nicely and my belly button will look amazing. I can carry Lachlan around for the most part and am ready to hit the pavement short of it raining on every day I've planned to run this week.

I tried to stack my weight again for this visit and failed miserably. It worked at the oncologist, where I kept my keys, phone, wallet, 5 rolls of quarters and a soup can in my coat pocket. After my first step on the scale, the nurse made me remove the 16 different layers I'd intentionally added to my outfit in an attempt to pad the numbers. Amazingly I lost 4 pounds on the spot. I acted surprised and innocent and she bought my performance. I blamed the Uggs!

Kyle told me that my efforts to gain weigh via Reece's Cups and Tootsie Rolls was pointless and I needed to eat protein. I reminded him that peanut butter is protein, and if it takes 3,500 calories to gain a pound, a bag of Reece's Pieces and a funnel might be my only hope. If one more doctor tells me "we are going to monitor your weight," I might just chug a bottle of Ensure at him.

I couldn't really decide what the point of a second post-op was, but I knew two things would come out of it.

#1: I would have a date for my next colonoscopy. The first colonoscopy only made it to the tumor, so it was only about 15% complete. And amazingly, I got a bill for the whole thing. No "partial colon" discount? In another amazing move, the colorectal surgeon will do the colonoscopy. No going back to the "By the way you have a tumor now go home and have a Happy Thanksgiving and we'll call you next week" GI. A surgeon that does colonoscopies? He continues to redefine my idea of patient care and surgeons. I'm sure he's also eager to look at his handy work!

#2: I would get a date out of it. I tell you, Kyle and I just take romance to the next level! He spent most of the time working on his phone and I spent most of the time with my nose buried in quality literature.

Apparently I can now add a third thing to the list. Seems the salon isn't the only place I can go to read all those trashy celeb magazines that I'm too good to buy, but all too eager to read.

As eager as I am to start chemo so I can finish chemo, these next few weeks are almost bitter sweet. I feel so great and so normal and I know it's all going to be short lived. I'm 100% healthy. Or at least I'd like to think I am. I try not to think about what may be going on in my body and just focus on being normal again.

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