PICC Me in the Shower

You mean I'm suppose to be able to bend my arm like that?
One of the biggest complaints about the PICC line from all those haters on the message boards was its inability to get wet. That's a big issue for someone who loves to stand in a hot shower for hours on in and waste lots of water while deep conditioning her hair.

So obviously someone with a few inventive marbles came up with a solution. Do these haters not Google?

Every nurse I encountered told me I could just wrap it up in a newspaper bag, a bread bag or some Saran Wrap and tape it up. At the time, that sounded like too much effort.

I found this after an easy search and it got rave reviews. It looked simple enough to use, and for $36 I'd be able run up our water bill for the next 6 months with ease. It wouldn't help my tan lines when I take the kids to the pool, but at least I could be freshly showered every day.

The instructions say to not leave it on longer than 45 minutes. That would be great if it hadn't taken me 45 minutes to get it on. I ordered the right size for my measurements, but clearly it runs small. There really was no need to pump the air out because there already was an air tight seal on either end and I was losing feeling in my figures before I even started to shampoo.

My arm called. It wants its circulation back.
I'm going to make a few adjustments with the scissors. It's perfectly legal and actually recommended by the company that makes this. So I may not ready to head out in the morning and jump the newspaper boy for his bags just yet. The jury is still out and I won't be washing my hair again until Sunday.


Carrie S. said...

Have you decided on your daily PICC "holder", yet?

Unknown said...

I got that "Wrist Wallet" yesterday and I love it. It's perfect and I'll probably order more. Also waiting on some Baby Legs, but something tells me they'll come in second.