My Cardinal Rule

My cardinal rule of motherhood is this:
Never leave the house in workout clothes unless you're going to workout or you're going to Walmart.

You can always take that extra step to actually put on jeans and or real shoes. I'm not even asking you to wear a bra, especially if you're wearing a sweatshirt or just don't need one like myself. But if I can make the effort to always have my eyebrows drown in, you can wear real clothes. 

Yes, we are mothers, but at least try and look like you care and have maintained an identity outside of raising your children.

Apparently my cardinal rule needs an addendum:

...or getting a CT scan where they're going to make you remove or pull down anything with metal on it, and most people you run in to are going to be wearing scrubs or hospital gowns and not look nearly as dressed up as you.

I left the house looking like this today and I was ashamed. I guess it beats the last time I walked into a hospital wearing flannel pajamas. Wait, aren't these my pajamas?

I was warm, I wasn't wearing metal and gosh darn it, I've got cancer!


melissaolivero76 said...

Love the pics!!

Unknown said...

I'm going to start giving lessons in "How to Properly Put Out the Vibe" later. Don't worry, you can learn to work it, too.

Shan Kat said...

Totally agree on how you leave the house. :) The next time I see a Mom who's given up, I'm going to say, "Put on some jeans. One of my best friends has CANCER and she can still do that. And yes, she has small children, just like we do. Pull yourself together, woman!" Okay, I'll probably just think it. You know me. ;)