Mom's Gotta Run Because I Can't

Working out and running are things I think about a lot these days. Fitness has been such a way of life for me for so long, and now I'm in a place where even the idea of walking a good distance sounds tiring.

I'm beyond my lay-in-bed-and-text-my-husband-all-my-needs phase, but not to the point where I can do a jumping jack without wanting to holding my right side. The right side being the camera port side that has been the bain of my post-op experience so far.

I spend my days looking for stories of people who ran or maintained some level of fitness while going through chemo and they are scarce. I need some hope and inspiration that I'm not going to spend 6 months being so tired and so uninspired that I lose touch with my own body.

One such story came from the 2012 Colondar put out by The Colon Club. Ultra marathoner Dan Wilson finished a marathon while going through chemo. Granted, he finished it in 6 hours. 6 hours may sound pretty impressive to all the non-runners of the world, but for an guy who runs crazy distances and has competed in over 50 marathons, 6 hours is merely a testament to how broken down his body became during chemo. But he still did it, and that's inspiration for anyone!

For me, being able to workout in any capacity is going to be my lifeline to sanity. It's also going to be my lifeline to the renewed health and recovery I'm going to need when my 6 months is up and I'm left to rebuild my entire body from rock bottom.

But as I'm seeing from an amazing groups of moms and friends that run, you don't have to run a marathon to be inspirational. I am a member of Mom's Gotta Run, and in my honor (amazing!) they are giving moms running in the Shamrock Marathon, 1/2 Marathon or 8k the opportunity to raise money for Chris 4 Life. Just because this mom and her (slightly reduced) colon can't run it this year, doesn't mean that other moms won't pick up my slack. 

So often when I run and start feeling sorry for myself, I reflect on people who would give anything to be in my very shoes at that moment. So many are sick, disabled or too weak to even walk. How many little kids would love nothing more than to sprint across the playground, yet are hooked up to IVs and machines and dreading the next nurse that walks in the room? Yet here I making excuses and complaining in my head about how miserable my run is when I should just be grateful that I CAN run. Now the table has turned and I'm the one who can't run (for at least 2 more post-op weeks). But these ladies CAN and I hope that knowledge will inspire them as they cover great distances.

I chose Chris 4 Life because it was a very specific charity. I wasn't interested giving to some large organization that gets national attention, large corporate donations and whose funds might go more to overhead and less to the individuals who could actually use them. I wanted to shop a "small business" so to speak. I wanted an organization that specifically dealt with colon cancer, and something local (albeit in D.C.) who took the very money it raised and turned it right back around into its own community. I wanted an organization that was out to make a difference for a cause that is underrepresented in funding and attention, despite its looming dominance in cancer diagnosis.

I also knew that once the ball got rolling, it's to organizations like this that we ourselves would turn to for grant money to help with my wonderful $2500 deductible or additional childcare expenses.

Not doing anything on March 17th or 18th? Considering heading down to the oceanfront to cheer on some running mommies! Look for the the sexiest girl in a fanny pack and say hi!

In the mean time I'll do a jumping jack every day until it doesn't hurt, then I'll lace up my shoes and try to make it around the block.

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