Come PICC on Me

The jury is in. Not that it took long to deliberate on this one. I didn't like the idea of the Mediport in photos, so I knew I wouldn't like it in me. That happens to go against the grain of public opinion, or at least all the happy Mediport users that weighed in on this very subject on several message boards I read.

To each his own.

It seemed most love the easy convenience of the Mediport and didn't miss the complications and restrictions of the PICC line. I can always try, and if it proves to be too difficult or I have too many complications, then to the knife and the Mediport I will go.

So the PICC line wins the first battle, but that left me wondering how to handle the obvious IV line that's going to be attached to my body for 6 months. It's going to be a beacon for toddler hands and an eye sore when Spring arrives and shirt sleeves become short. The last thing I want to do is draw attention to myself, so I'd need to remove the object of attention from everyone's sight. Googling some imagines gave me some ideas for "covers."

My solution will take some creativity and perhaps a few hits and misses, but I'm welcoming all ideas at this time. Here are some I've come up with.

Option 1: Take a generic ankle support from the local drug store, hack off one end and place the other over my arm to keep dangling bells and whistles contained and out or sight and out of reach. The nude color should work nicely. I just hope they make these for kids, because my arms are abnormally thin right now.

Option 2: An Ace bandage. Nothing says "I've injured myself so look at me!" like an Ace bandage!

Option 3: A custom knit cover. I don't knit, so this option is just floating in space.

Option 4: Arm warmers. Not that my arm needs to be that warm in the summer, but I can at least turn around and use them in the winter.

Option 5: Sweat bands. Old school. Goes on your arm. Holds things in place. Great for wiping the sweat from my perfectly drawn in brows.

Option 6: Mesh Arm Warmers from Target. Rock. Star. Between these, my sweat bands and my infusion fanny pack, I'll be welcome at any 80s party.

Option 7: Baby Legs. Fun. Cute Prints. Tells the world I'm one wild and crazy gal. I can also dabble in cute girl prints. And when I'm seen being fashionable at the playground, all the moms will think I'm just starting a trend by putting a Baby Leg on my arm, right?

Option 8: I found these photos from a blog while on one of my Googling missions. She wanted to achieve my very same goal and found these on Etsy. Intended more for clubbing and less for cancer, the Wrist Wallet still gets the job done and is a very viable option! And should the need to go clubbing arise, I'll have a place to stick my cash and ID. Because opportunities to go clubbing for someone who goes to bed at 9pm are abounding!

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Carrie S. said...

I like the wrist wallet and ankle support options b/c I would worry about the bulkiness of the others (cotton) for wearing them under sleeves. The mesh bands look like they might not hold everything in properly. Good luck on deciding!