And the Party Never Ends

Lachlan woke up at 4:30am Thursday morning after one of his "I'll skip my afternoon nap and opt for an early bedtime" days. Add some serious congestion and it's a recipe for some pre-dawn action from the crib.

I don't really mind, as I'm a morning person and I can sit and drink coffee in peace. I can also read every square inch of every online news source and catch all the little blurbs I normally miss or don't have time to discover. On this particular morning, I was looking for an excuse to get up and take some Advil for the ache in my morning-after-a-PICC arm. The crusty-nosed baby provided it.

Let the fates align, because in some random corner of our local online paper I saw that one of Kyle's favorite singing Texans was coming to town. I know not everyone has the privilege of being married to a Texan, but it comes with some perks, like being exposed to good music.

If you haven't heard of Robert Earl Keen, he is Texas mixed with a side of lyrical humor and a dash of a well written ballad. He quickly grew on me while Kyle was in hot pursuit romancing me, and though I don't listen to his music voluntarily, I do enjoy it when Kyle puts in on.

With Memaw here to keep us from leaving the kids home alone, I was able buy tickets on the fly and surprise Kyle with a hot date on a Friday night. Yes people, that meant the Woodys stayed up past our bed time. Way past our bedtime.

The venue was filled with Texas ex-patriots all savoring a taste of home. It was the right crowd in the right age range and with the right amount of beer consumption for our liking. I saw some Wranglers, a few rodeo shirts and left with a deep desire to buy cowgirl boots. I'm not kidding about that third one. I think I can make them fashionably metropolitan and will seek them out soon.

If you need some exposure, let me introduce you to some of Robert Earn Keen's more humorous and popular peaches:


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